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Women's voices after the last workshop:

“I was very glad to be with a group of women in a lovely space with lovely music and lovely, helpful words. I wrote at the beginning that I please needed help. And I felt I got that. I found myself in the mood for singing and chanting and moving toward the end.” 



“Most Valuable- Music, Being together with amazing women, intimate sharing/listening. 

A million thanks!”



“I support future circles, especially in these times that suppress women's strong spirits, thank you!”



"I have been working with Annette Groenfeldt for almost three years.  I was drawn to Alexander Technique initially because I wanted to work on my posture.  What I have experienced in the discipline, however, is profound. Annette uses gentle guidance in bringing awareness to the body in a relaxed way. The combination of Alexander Technique and Reconnective Therapy has brought a true “body meditation” into my daily life. I feel lighter in my movements as I go through the day.  I’ve noticed that I no longer have aches and pains where I used to have them…but when I do have an issue I can work myself through it using the techniques Annette has given me.  Focus and clarity have dramatically improved as well.  I am also a singer.  My voice has never been so clear and relaxed.  The interesting part of all of this is that it’s not about “trying to do it right,” rather it’s the ongoing awareness that facilitates subtle and powerful changes. " - Glenda

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