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My goal is to be a trusted guide for you to find alignment through your body as well as with your life goals, so  you can access that deep connection within from which you live with confidence and joy, and a greater capacity for love and compassion.


Alexander Technique students develop an awareness of their movement which heals and prevents physical injury and greatly improves their quality of life. The sessions relieve pain: neck, back, and joint pain resulting from habitual holding patterns that cause muscular tension and wear and tear on the body, and movement becomes yet again effortless and enjoyable. Adresses stress relief, chronic fatigue and  recovery from surgery.


Reconnective Therapy (RCT) is a form of energy work which connects you with your energy body of perfect health, allowing your body to receive the information it needs for healing. As it dissolves energetic blockages that create dysfunction on a physical, emotional or spiritual plane, wellbeing arises and we feel again whole and in harmony with our lives. Trauma can be healed without having to go through re-experiencing the traumatic situation. As I have received treatments myself over the years, worrisome issues have simply fallen away and I am enjoying emotional clarity and physical wellbeing without efforting - the same results I see in my clients.

Sessions are available in person in my office

As well as on the phone long-distance. 

Fees: Alexander T. + RCT  $80

 RCT $45

Upcoming Classes

Yin Yoga w/ Sound

Sacred Sound /Sacred Body

Friday Sept. 25, 6pm - 8pm   YogaSource  San Mateo

with Edie Tsong


Women's Circle 

to be announced


"I highly recommend this work for anyone needing to bring their nervous system back into balance, work with structural issues, and relieve stress. A session with Annette is a refuge of deep relaxation and calm, giving the body the encouragement it needs to let go."


- Judy / designer 



"I've been taking Alexander lessons for many years, from some excellent teachers. But I had never found a teacher whose depth of knowledge, sensitivity to body and soul, yet practical application of  the Alexander technique has so greatly transformed the beneficial 

workings of my body as Annette Groenfeldt. It has also been a joy to work with her!

More concretely, I sought help from Annette following major neurosurgery on my cervical spine.  I had lost most of the nerve functions and strength in my right arm.  Since studying Alexander with Annette, I am well on my way to fuIl recovery of that  strength, and I know that our work together  has been a major factor in this recovery."


- Michael Pertschuk /writer



Just a few words to say thank you to Annette for her healing practice and gratitude for her help and support.  I had so much lower back and left hip pain- it felt bashed and bruised - and after some time it seemed to lift and dissipate.

With love and appreciation,
Vivienne X



"Annette Groenfeldt  is naturally very spiritually attuned to energetic frequencies and it's readily apparent even in her presence.
When I first arrived in SF I was dealing with a huge emotional issue and also physical pain. Annette was the only person I wanted to be with for any kind of healing. She was perfect choice and I began to improve with her care which went on for 3 sessions."

Tetra Forest / Astrologer












Relaxation through Energy Healing Session


If you like for me to treat others, you care about, I can do so, with the permission of that person. I have helped the families of fellow parents, who's kids are living in other places and who they wanted to gift with extra support. Contact me if you have any questions about that or simply want more information.


RCT in person happens on the table and includes alignment and relaxation as part of the treatment. In a RCT session you  reestablish the connection with your energy body, with the help of the practitioner, and your body then takes the information for health it needs  in that moment. Deeply nourishing and rejuvenating, most people I have worked with experience right away a sense of greater wellbeing. And the process of integration continues afterwards. 

Long distance healing sessions, over the phone or without a phone call, work in the same fashion. Together we establish the alignment, you are seeking, and clarify the specific issues you want to address. Your body connects with its own energybody and takes the information, a connection that happens through resonance and does not need physical proximity. 

I am so grateful to be able to help people in this way, wherever they are and whenever they need it. Family members and friends have had accidents or operations, and we can provide support in the healing process.

"I believe that healing is a creative act, coming from our deepest core, and it can be accessed through profound relaxation of the body and the mind, which brings us in touch with that source of joyful life expression, which we inherently are." 


- Annette Groenfeldt

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