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Annette  Groenfeldt Alexander Technique and ReConnective Therapy
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About Annette Groenfeldt


Music and Healing have always been inter-connected for me, since I had my earliest spiritual experiences through music and nature. Healing like music is a natural and a creative process. It is one that we participate in, it broadens our perspective on life and helps us develop awareness and a greater capacity to love, and that is which I wish to share in my healing practice and in my workshops on Alexander Technique, ReConnective Therapy (RCT) and Sound Healing.


I grew up singing and playing the violin in choirs and orchestras during my high school years, and was inspired to study Voice in Vienna, Austria, at the Academy of Music. I received my degree as a voice teacher, participating in many concerts as a soloist or in various ensembles.

As a singer, my body is my instrument, and the question “how to take good care of that instrument” brought me to New York City to study the Alexander Technique, and I fell deeply in love with the field of healing through gentle touch and energy work. 


I graduated from the American Center of the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in 1987. I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to receive training from the first generation of students of F.M. Alexander himself, including Judy Leibowitz, Deborah Kaplan, Barbara Kent, and Pearl Aushubel.  I also visited London and studied with Walter Carrington and other renowned British teachers. 


I taught in private practice in New York, as well as in summer workshops both in the US and in Europe, working with musicians, artists and craftspeople, and those seeking to improve their physical health. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, however, I felt it was time to move closer to nature, and I settled in Santa Fe, NM.  I consider my two homebirths part of my “continuing education”. These were very spiritual experiences that taught me so much about that deep connection with source, and the connection of the spiritual with the physical body, which I now help reestablish for my clients through alignment and energy healing work. My interest in healing and inner growth allowed me to work with a wide range of physical and emotional issues in clients of all age groups, which is profoundly inspiring.


In my singing I developed my own, improvisational style of song, which led to six CD productions, including collaborations with the new age musician C.G.Deuter, and many concerts with musicians playing ethnic Instruments. I worked with various poets and artists, improvising song as part of Art Installations, for example. Highlights include singing at the World Sacred Music Festival inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in LA, performing with Coleman Barks for the Rumi concert at the Lensic Theatre in Santa Fe, or performing at a benefit concert for “” in San Francisco.


Encountering a serious illness was another profound growth experience, and inspired me to study Re Connective Therapy (RCT) with its founder Herwig Schoen and his wife, Kerstin.  RCT creates alignment through all our energy bodies, resulting in greater physical, mental and emotional health. RCT is an energy healing modality and can be offered through in-person or long distance sessions. Healing through Alignment incorporates Alexander Technique, RCT, voice and deep awareness for a profound healing experience.


My CD’s  - Annette Cantor - offer music for meditation, relaxation and yoga. They can be ordered through or directly through this website.


Available CDs

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