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Annette Sings / Voice Lessons


Singing has always been the most natural expression of my soul, from childhood to adolescence, when I joined the local choir as well as the orchestra as a violinist. I studied voice at the Vienna Academy of Music for 5 years before I moved to the US, where my interest in the healing arts lead me to study the Alexander Technique.  I developed my improvisational style of singing, which you find on all my recordings under the name Annette Cantor.


I love teaching singing because it provides such a direct access to our inner, joyful core, letting it arise through sound – beautiful sound, making us feel alive and whole. Having studied music for decades I offer a big palette of tools: you can learn to address any area of sound production, interpretation, rhythm and alignment.


Lessons are offered in person and for groups. 

Available CDs

Photos by Mary Arose & Malka E. Michelson

Performance for

in San Francisco, CA

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